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Eat before you are hungry

When you eat in response to feeling hungry  you will consume more calories than when you eat before feeling hungry. Hunger is a late phase in the metabolic process occurring some time after our function is sub-optimal. Eating the exact same diet but spreading the calorie intake into smaller, more frequent meals will result in weight loss and an improvement in your overall functioning.  Due to the physical laws which govern the process of  cellular metabolism, 2,000 calories consumed in 5 meals of 400 calories will have a much different effect on body weight and available energy than the same 2,000 calories consumed as a single meal. In the smaller, more  frequent scenario as little as 200 calories (10%) is stored as fat, while in the single meal scenario as much as 1.000 calories (1/2 of the total calories consumed) is stored as fat. If you were to do nothing other than redistribute the same calories you are now consuming into smaller and more frequent meals, you would have more energy and you would lose weight!

Eat 4 to 6 grams of fiber 4 to 6 times per day

Fiber, while classified as a carbohydrate,  is not actually a nutrient in the usual sense in that the human digestive tract does not have the enzyme required for absorbing fiber into the blood stream; it is  not used as a source of energy for life processes.   By remaining in your digestive tract, fiber enhances allows you to feel satisfied for longer. More importantly, due to its unique chemical and physical properties, fiber slows the rate of absorption from your digestive tract of the other nutrients that you consume with the fiber. As a result of this slower rate of absorption, the nutrients you consume will be delivered to your 40 trillion cells at a rate which allows them to handle these nutrients most efficiently; thus, capturing the greatest possible amount of energy for living and the least possible amount for storing these calories as fat.  If you were to do nothing other than add fiber to your diet, you would immediately have more energy and lose weight.


Mitchell R. Weisberg, MD, MP


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